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I'm James Coleman, an Orange County, California entrepreneur, technologist and business owner.  I'm also a purposeful geek. In 2004 my dad and I were at the movies to see I, Robot. During the film when the robots started imprisoning humans in their homes and enforcing a curfew, he leaned over and whispered, "You know, this is probably all your fault. You could have prevented this."   

blog and write about technology's positive and negative impact on our lives, and how to control it so it doesn't control you.  I also write about tech, tools and ideas you can use to save time and make money. Whichever end of the geek spectrum you're on, I want to help you avoid becoming an unwilling beta tester.   Professionally, I'm an entrepreneur and founder of three businesses including TechRoom, and I'm also a writer, preparing to publish my book on switching seamlessly between PC and Mac.

Personally, I'm a proud husband and father.  I'm also a Japan-o-phile and an insatiable gastronome.

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James is @jamescoleman on Twitter and app.net and is on LinkedIn.

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