About TechRoom

TechRoom, Inc. is an IT consulting and service firm established in 2001 and is based in Irvine, California. We serve small to medium businesses and individuals throughout North America, Japan, and the United Kingdom.  Our customers use technologies from different makers, including Apple Mac, Google and Windows tech, including desktop and mobile.  

TechRoom provides a level of service quality and professionalism found in Fortune 100 companies, but with a focus on efficiency and effectiveness that's both affordable to high value to our customers who don't need bloated, costly IT teams.  And our focus on efficiency and effectiveness allows us to provide lean, part-time, long-term service that doesn’t require bloated IT teams and wasted resources.

TechRoom was founded by James Coleman. James has advised numerous companies including Apple, Inc., Sony and HP, and focuses daily on every aspect of TechRoom customer service operations.