Best apps for personal productivity

Password Management

1Password for iPhone - My precious.  Tony Stark would use this for managing his passwords.

1Password for iPad - if you have an iPad, get this too.

1Password for Mac - See "my precious".  Best password manager in the known universe.  Also in the multiverse.


PDFScanner for Mac - My favorite basic scanner- works incredibly well over a network and over USB for most scanners

Astropad for iPad  - Share and draw on your Mac's screen.

Pixelmator - Adobe Photoshop alternative.


Photoshop Express

PDF Pen 2 for iPhone

PDF Pen 2 for iPad

Scrivener for Mac

Omnigraffle 6 for Mac

Omnioutliner Pro for Mac

Omniplan for Mac

Task Management: Organizing everything in your life

Omnifocus 2 for Mac

Omnifocus 2 for iPhone

Omnifocus 2 for iPad

De-duplication (getting rid of duplicates) for files and photos

Duplicate Detective for Mac - One of my favorite apps for identifying, separating and eliminating exact duplicates

PhotoSweeper for Mac - My other favorite app for de-duplicating. This time for photos.  Can help compare duplicates and even similar photos

Best social media apps

Tweetbot for Mac - My favorite twitter client for Mac OS X

Tweetbot for iPhone - Ditto! For iPhone

Tweetbot for iPad - Ditto! For iPad

Line for Mac

Line for iPhone

Best photo and video editing apps

Pixelmator for Mac Adobe's 

Pixelmator for iPhone

Pixelmator for iPad

Watermarker 2 - the best app for signing and stamping photos

Apps for your body, mind and spirit

Calm for iPhone - A great app for discovering how meditation can improve your mood - and your life.

Yoga Studio for iPhone - My favorite yoga app for the iPhone.  The instructor has a beautiful, relaxing voice, and the lessons are easy to choose and follow along. Use at home, when traveling, or almost anywhere.

Yoga Studio for iPad - My favorite yoga app, this time for iPad.

Sleep Cycle alarm clock for iPhone - 

Commit for iPhone - A remarkably simple app to help you form new habits.

RunKeeper for iPhone

Apps for Japanese, students of Japanese and japanophiles

Japanese for iPhone - This is the most useful, fun and effective Japanese dictionary and language tool on the iPhone.  And I speak qualified with a BA in Japanese Language and Literature from a top university.

Japanese for iPad - See my notes above re the iPhone version!

Apps for the world

The Clock - The Best World Clock A world clock for your Mac's desktop.  This really is the best one for design, simplicity, and usefulness.  The meeting planner slider is fantastic and takes all the mental juggling and math out of planning a meeting with someone in another time zone.

Apps for writers

Scrivener - The absolute best app for any writer. Use it for everything from writing papers to blog posts to entire screen plays.

Other fundamental apps that belong on every Mac

Remote app for iPhone

Remote app for iPad

Transmit for Mac - the best FTP and SFTP client out there, period.  By Panic, a company that makes really cool software.

DaisyDisk for Mac - find out where all your storage is being used, so you can get rid of useless files and free up space

Podcasting and screencasting

Shush for Mac

Best note-taking apps for iPad Pro:

Notes plus


Network Assessment and Troubleshooting

Wifi Explorer