Have a tech problem?  Let me help.

I'm James Coleman, proprietor and CEO of TechRoom, Inc.  I lead an awesome team of technicians who are passionate about solving - and preventing - problems that our customers experience that interfere with their businesses and their lives.

I have been working for CEOs and heads of household for over 20 years, solving their tech problems and giving them more hours of time back to their lives.

Do you have a problem or a conundrum you're trying to solve?  Would you like me to take it on and address it on the TechRoom blog with answers, ideas and solutions?

If you need help right now, I suggest using my team for support.  You can tap the Concierge Bell here for a service request.

If it's not an urgent priority and you would like me to address a topic on the TechRoom blog fill out the form to the right I'll add it to my list of questions you're looking for answers to. Also, make sure you sign up for TechRoom's blog email updates here!

James Coleman

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