First blog post

This blog’s purpose is simple:  To share critical information about current and emerging technologies with TechRoom clients.  Why a blog?   Seriously, aren’t there enough tech blogs? If you’re a TechRoom customer in for repair, or a business owner who has TechRoom as Your I.T. Department, you’re experiencing service.   The repair happens accurately and on time, the preventive maintenance at your office happens on schedule, and you receive confirmation that everything is in order.   With most services clients usually don’t care how it gets done, so long as it gets done.  

Then there are your important personal and business decisions.  Technology by definition is the use of tools and processes to solve a problem or serve some purpose. What problem will you need to solve in your business?  What do you want technology to do for you and your family?   People don’t get excited about the iPad.   They get excited about the promise of what it could or will do for them.  You probably want to know and learn more about technologies and what they promise to do for you.  That’s what this blog is about.

I was in the office of a business we serve two week ago and during a hallway conversation I learned that the CEO was looking for a blogging solution.  This CEO is an absolutely forward thinking visionary, creative, passionate and also recognizes the value of his, his team mates’ and his customers’ time.  He’s out to change the world and he’s constantly scanning his environment for tools that he may find a use for.  Even though he runs his organization on both Macs and Windows PCs (just like yours truly), he is fond of Apple (just like yours truly), because of its simplicity and capability.   I showed him SquareSpace’s blogging solution on my iPad and mentioned “SquareSpace is to Wordpress what the Mac OS X is to Windows”.   Last Friday I checked back in with him and heard nothing but great feedback on SquareSpace- it was the solution they wanted.   Would Wordpress have worked?  Absolutely.  But would Wordpress have solved their problem and truly satisfied all their needs?  Probably not.  They value theirs and their customers’ time too much.

I could tell you that this blog will be different than the gazillions of tech blogs on the net.   That would be marketing.   But if you just read the customer example and you understand the purpose of this blog, then you already know this blog will be different.  That’s service.   For those TechRoom clients reading this that don’t already know:  TechRoom is a service-focused, multi-vendor company.    My team and I only recommend products and services that we know work.   We’re not incentivized to sell you computers, like the tens of thousands of resellers out there with service businesses that feed uninformed service department customers through their product sales teams.   If you’re a TechRoom repair customer, you already know we’re not even incentivizing our customers to do more service.  That’s why we provide objective information and options after a diagnostic, so you can make a fully informed decision, even if it means stopping service and referring you to a professional sales expert outside of TechRoom.   

I’m a complete nerd when it comes to technology.   It’s easy to get excited about a new device or some new chip.  But what really excites me is the invisible:  When using a technology can give you an extra hour in the day to spend with your family, when a technology can help save our environment by helping you educate the world, when a technology strategy can help you stay in business and be more profitable during rough economic times; that’s what excites me.  

I am looking forward to sharing critical information, ideas and innovations with you and other TechRoom clients that could change your world, or at worst simply be fun to read and share with your friends.  David Sparks (macsparky.com) turned me on to SquareSpace over coffee and one of the most fun coffee chats I’ve had in a long time.   Now I’m using it to share this with you.  

I look forward to hearing how you use the contents of this blog at home, at work and in your life.