2 hours

I went through one of those exhausting and usually frustrating exercises yesterday, searching for a tool that hasn't been used in two years but is suddenly important.  My garage is cleaner than it's been in a decade now, and I still can't find that CRT discharge tool.

While I was cleaning and searching I found myself smiling. I remembered the days long ago when I worked with techs who didn't take the time to document something very small, like a password or the location of some resource or tool they needed.  The tech's belief that it wasn't necessary to document something so small was rooted in a habit of self-reliance. Every time the tech wasn't around, it would take someone else time (2 hours?) to find something that could have taken 2 minutes.

I was smiling during my frenetic organization project because I'm fortunate to work with a team who realize that little things like documentation pay forward royally to each other, and especially to our customers.  It makes me wonder how many small business owners are paying for 2 hours, or 200 hours each year of time that's simply a waste and can be avoided.