Anti Black Hole Friday

If you don't take action, you may as well just toss your data in and wave goodbye.

If you don't take action, you may as well just toss your data in and wave goodbye.

Technology doesn't happen.  Life happens. Then your life gets sucked into a black hole.  

In my recent Backup Basics blog posts, I shared that there are only two reasons you can lose your data, and I even offered to help (see the bottom of this post).  But every Thanksgiving there are a million circumstances that push your precious photos, contacts and work product to the edge of a black hole of dangerous loss.  Here are just five common disasters:

  • Your MacBook Air, left closed near the fireplace where you were relaxing, is accidentally stepped on by your visiting cousin Billy Bob, who 6'5" and a spry 225lbs.  The MacBook Air doesn't fare too well.
  • Your toddler (or someone else's) found your new iPhone 5 and thinks it's funny at the bottom of the toilet.
  • After a brilliantly orchestrated meal for everyone, you relax and catch up on email and the glass of Shiraz you're enjoying accidentally tips over, right into your notebook.
  • El Nino can't make up its mind this year. During a storm on Saturday the power cuts out. Now your computer doesn't boot. It just beeps. And what's that clicking sound? That major proposal you promised your customer is due Monday morning.
  • You get a call from your alarm company on Thursday night in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner. There's been a break-in at your office, windows were smashed and two computers used by your partner and key employee are missing.  What was on those hard drives?

Every year life happens and then the calls come in to TechRoom on Monday morning.  Each year over the holiday get a message via LinkedIn. 99% of the stress I hear isn't about the hardware.  Hardware's replaceable.  Your data isn't: The photos and videos in your camera roll, the company financials on your desktop, and your entire platform: All the software that together is a configuration you're used to, that muscle memory commands as much as anything.  No loaner in the world is going to get you back in action.

How many hours of your time, with how many techs will it take to play the game of technical charades to get you back to a semblance of productivity?

It doesn't have to be this way. I've shared on my Backup Basics blog posts that there are only two ways you can lose data: 

  1. You put backing up off and never got to it.
  2. You think you're backed up, but you're not.

You can't control everything. Accidents happen. Hard drives fail, even new ones. You have to plan for the failure, and plan for the data loss.  If you do, then you can put things back to the way you want it to be, just like flipping a switch, and with zero stress. You may have to buy a new device or computer, but since it's Black Friday, that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Don't let this holiday become a black hole to you data, your life and your business.  Do it now.  And if you need help, my team is available to get you started, no matter where you live, and even via remote access.  I don't care where you go for the help, I just want you to take action. But if you choose to call TechRoom, I'm offering a one-time 20% off of remote access and carry-in service when you mention this blog through 11/21.