Going paperless adventure #1: THE Shredder

The Mobile Shredding Truck

I'm a huge fan of David Spark's Paperless.  I've been on that trajectory for years.  One of the most important discoveries for me was how to efficiently destroy documents.  Especially because once you start, there's a lot to shred in the first few years.

The all-caps THE in the blog post title is on purpose.   My little boy likes big earth movers and other construction vehicles.  And there is nothing cooler to him than a trash truck.  After about a year of Fridays out on the curb with my little boy, I can totally picture Michael Bay as a two year-old getting his inspiration from a trash truck with a huge claw powered by massive hydraulics.  Totally cool. That's why when I discovered the mobile shredding truck, I had to share.

This is my first post indulging my inner 2-year-old.  After discovering the ScanSnap, I've come to the point where pretty much everything on paper that comes to me ends up scanned within a day or two. After that it's destined to meet the shredder. A couple years ago I got tired of spending hours in my garage shredding paper 5-10 sheets at a time, dealing with the dust, getting funny looks from the neighbors every time the trash man bumped over the recycle bin filled with shredded documents.

So I went looking for a shredding company for my personal use. I've seen companies like that for businesses, but my needs were lighter.  I found three companies, and one stood out because they actually have a security certification, and they go out of their way to demonstrate it.  OC Shredding company in Lake Forest, CA, allows you to drive down on a weekend and you can pay by the box.  They destroyed about 5 bankers' boxes work for $25 for me.  It took all of about a minute.  And you get to watch it.  This not only gives me back lots of hours in my life not standing in the garage struggling with the damn shredder, but it really delivers to my inner 2-year-old.  If you go, take your little one, you'll be a hero for it.

Check out the video.  I just wonder what makes the red warning light go off.  Click play to indulge your inner 2-year-old: