Seeking an expert Mac tech who's ready to grow.

Are you an expert at repairing everything Apple? Are you the authority to the techs you work with? Do you get deep satisfaction from making customers happy and working with great coworkers?

  • What if you could take your skills to the next level, in a job with almost limitless options for your growth?
  • What if your employer made your growth a priority, with training, certifications and learning an actual part of your job every week?
  • What if you could choose your development path, expanding your skills beyond just Apple to all the technologies that work with the Mac?
  • What if this job came with true Professional Services hours during the day, great pay and even profit sharing, and an insanely great benefits package designed for our employees and their families?

If this sounds like what you've been looking for, TechRoom may have the perfect job for you.

TechRoom is Apple-Authorized, which means we perform work for customers both in-AppleCare warranty and out of warranty.  But we're different than most companies- we're service-only. We don't sell computers. We refer customers who need product right back to the experts, our awesome friends at the Apple Retail Stores, so we can stay focused on what we do best: Service. And because we're service only, we have zero limits. We can do whatever it takes to create solutions for our customers.   We are certified experts on Mac and PC, and with five separate technical development tracks, you can grow your skills beyond your wildest dreams.

We're looking for an awesome person who is an expert at Mac repair.  The person we're looking for will want to take their skills to new heights.  The successful candidate will also be incredibly service-oriented, and derive happiness and personal satisfaction at the end of the day because of the positive impact they've made on our customers' lives.

The pay is exceptional, the benefits are awesome.  TechRoom work hours will allow you time to have dinner with your family, and have a life after-hours.

Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Email me at jcoleman@techroom.com with your resume, and your reasons for applying. I look forward to connecting with you.