Upgrading to Lion (without regrets)

Last night I watched the Blogosphere go nuts with commentary related to Apple's new version of Mac OS X. The best posts on the web provided some good advice. I thought I should share our unique TechRoom perspective and process for upgrading without the regrets that come after surprises- most of which are costly and are easy to avoid.

When a customer asks us "will all my applications and stuff work", our answer is always the same: We start by going in and reviewing the basics:

  • What applications do you depend on?
  • What applications access shared data? (e.g. databases)
  • What peripherals do you use?
  • Does your hardware and software meet the minimum requirements?
  • Even if you meet the requirements, do you have enough space and memory and power for it to be an enjoyable experience after the upgrade?
  • Are there any "latent" hardware or software issues that could affect performance after an upgrade?

It's the little things that we don't think about that can cause untold grief.  Like finding out one's printer doesn't have compatible drivers yet.  Or finding out that the client of a database application is Intel-only, no Rosetta support (e.g. Fasttrack Schedule 10 from the older Fasttrack 8) and that upgrading one application for compatibility with the new OS means upgrading everyone in your office.... 'but wait, not everyone in the office has a computer capable of supporting the newer version.'   A simple upgrade on one computer can have a ripple effect across an entire network. Basic planning is essential, even for a consumer operating system on a single Mac.

I think there are a few hundred awesome reasons to upgrade to Mac OS X Mountain Lioin.  I'll be upgrading today. My team and I have three backups of my hard drive, including one restorable clone.  And I'll carry around my old image on a bootable drive for the next few days so I don't loose half a day waiting for a restore, just in case something doesn't work (like accounting!).

If you're interested in moving to Mountain Lion and want someone to make it easy- call us.  Our Switcher Genius® service includes all the precautionary measures and takes any and all pain and problems away, so you can just enjoy the new Mac OS.