MacBook Air with big guns, but tiny legs

One of the cool things about Apple is that they're innovating.  A lot. Moving to flash-based storage in the MacBook Air product line gave us "instant-on" performance- My MacBook Air takes a few seconds to boot up.  My WIndows 7 Professional virtual machine starts up in about 10 seconds.

For the awesome benefit of speed and reliability, we're all paying a price.  While our friends with MacBook Pros can upgrade to a 750 gigabyte hard drive, or even a 1 terabyte hard drive (see previous blog post), those of us who invested in MacBook Airs tend to compromise on storage space in exchange for speed and reliability.  Where this is probably most evident is everyone with a Mid-2010 or similar MacBook Air, when a very common configuration came with 4GB RAM, a really zippy processor (plenty of oomph) but a really itty bitty tiny 128GB flash drive for storage.  I had a gym coach in high school who everyone chuckled at because he was seriously buff "big guns" but had these stick-like tiny little legs holding everything up.   MacBook Airs with this configuration brought back that visual.  Funny how memory works in our brains.

The good news is that for anyone bummed out about this, don't be.  There are upgrades available- all the way up to 480GB, and they're faster.   And the upgrade process is as simple as a hard drive upgrade.  Within a day your MacBook Air goes from being out of balance like my old gym coach to as perfectly balanced a physique as Mr. Daniel Craig in the next James Bond flick.   Give us a call if you want help getting upgraded.