Over the past ten years, switching has become more and more important.  Everyone switching from a Windows PC to an Apple Mac, or switching from Windows 7 to Windows 8, or from phone to phone, wants the same thing: A pain-free switch where everything just works when you start using your new device or computer. No nasty surprises, no lost time, no messed up contacts or calendars. Everything should just work.

That's where Switchability™ comes in.

Switchability™ is a resource for switchers to get the info they need to not only make a successful switch, but also learn how to stay switchable. Too many of our customers don't know what they need to know to make sure their switch is successful.  So they wait until the PC dies, or they cling to their old technology in their business until it hurts.

Do you want to switch to a new computer or device consequence-free? Tired of the IT industry beta testing on you, rather than for you? Want to move your entire business to Mac, without surprises? Switchability™ is your starting point.  

I just launched Switchability™, and I'm expecting it to grow beyond my expectations to help you be more successful. Have a question?  Ask me. Need advice on switching? Let me know what's on your mind. I'm excited to take over a decade of switching experience, even before the term was coined, and share with you.  Please tell your friends to visit and ask their questions as well, and check back regularly for tips and techniques and how-tos.