Come visit us at our new TechRoom home

I've been quiet recently on the blog. January was the last month of TechRoom's lease in Costa Mesa, and I came to a conclusion over a year ago that the old Costa Mesa location wasn't working for our customers and our employees anymore. So I decided not to renew the lease and to look for a new home for TechRoom.

TechRoom's new home in Newport Beach at Acacia Court, right off the 73. Click for directions.

TechRoom's new home in Newport Beach at Acacia Court, right off the 73. Click for directions.

We moved into our new home a week ago. I knew the location was going to be a success, but I wasn't prepared for just how positive a move this was going to be for everyone.  The first and every subsequent customer walking into the entry of Acacia Court (our building) how nice, professional and clean it is.  Light classical music plays in the courtyard. TechRoom's suite is only a few steps from the front entrance of the courtyard, on the first floor as usual. Our decision to be in Newport Beach was intentional: I wanted an environment that is professional and gives our customers and employees safety and security that meets and exceeds their expectations. 

Every customer to-date tells me our location is closer to them.  And I mean everyone. Being right off the 73 between Birch and Irvine Avenue means that customers coming from South Coast Plaza get to us in three minutes instead of 10.  Fashion Island is five minutes away instead of 10. Mission Viejo customers who have been driving to TechRoom for the better part of a decade now have a 15 minute shorter drive. This is also great for our technicians and myself: We're minutes away from almost every small business in Orange County.

I decided to keep everything that had worked for TechRoom for over a decade, and get rid of things that hadn't worked.  We still have the "open kitchen" appeal where customers can see into the technical workspace. And I'm pleased that our technicians have the best lighting they've ever had.  Nearly half of the technical environment is open to beautiful northern lighting.  I also added a meeting and training room, large enough to work with a team, and well-equipped for the meetings I'm having with CEOs and CFOs regarding fractional CIO services that TechRoom provides to business owners.

Next time you come to TechRoom, tell me what you think.  We're starting our second decade of business as the service focused authority on Mac and Windows technologies.  Our new location will enable us to provide even better repair, consulting and business services than ever before.   I'm looking forward to meeting you there.  Come on in or give us a call, no matter what your technology needs are.