Solid State Drives (SSDs): Why you need one

A traditional hard drive that spins (on top) compared to a super-speedy no-moving-parts Solid State Drive (bottom).

Very few of our customers know about what an SSD (Solid State Drive) would do for them.   You can replace your hard drive right now with an SSD in your notebook computer, desktop computer, and even in your server (if you're a nerd like me and have a Mac Mini server in your house).  What an SSD does for you is this:

  • Your computer will boot in a few seconds instead of a few minutes
  • A 2-3 year old computer will feel practically new because of the incredible speed
  • Your really important information- precious photos, critical work documents, etc., will be safer because SSDs are more reliable, less prone to crashing

Traditional hard drives have little spinning platters inside of them, and a mechanical arm that reads and writes data to the disk.  Think of it like a turbo-charged record player, only one that reads and writes. I'm not kidding when I say turbo-charged: The average hard drive is spins at nearly 100 miles-per-hour. Fast, right? But that's ridiculously slow compared to an SSD.  SSDs have no moving parts.  No disk spinning, ready to crash due to movement, etc.  SSDs move information in nanoseconds (billionths of a second).  Regular drives move data in milliseconds (thousandths of a second).  SSDs are the winners when it comes to speed and reliability.

SSD install that's turnkey and keeps your life running at full speed

We're now installing SSDs in almost every Mac and PC that has a regular drive.  Better yet, we're making the installs so turn-key that all you need to do is pick a drive and then it'll be done.  Your computer will be exactly like what you remember- no changes to your software, everything picture-perfect.  Even better yet- we can do the installs in our standard turnaround time of one day (24 hours), or we can even get it done same-day.  No reason to be without your computer overnight.   And with TechRoom all those nasty firmware issues that cause SSDs to mess up customers lives are non-problems, because of our TechRoom Service Guarantee.  We'll get it done right, and if something goes wrong during the service guarantee, we'll simply rework it, parts and labor, at our cost, not yours.