Get old computers and hard drives out of your garage (with zero risk identify theft!) and help stop skin cancer

Do you have an old PC or Mac in your garage?  You've probably been procrastinating on recycling for the #1 reason all people do: You're worried about the contents on the hard drive.  Well, we have the answer to that. Bring your PC or Mac to us, and we'll remove the drive and recycle it- but not just any recycle.  We'll shred it:

Shredded hard drive remains. With the drive shredded, you can be 100% confident your data is gone.

Between now and June 30, we're raising money to help combat the fastest growing cancer on the planet: Skin cancer (Melanoma).  Skin cancer kills children and adults of every race.  There is no warning. According to the American Cancer Society in 2013, while most cancers deaths are decreasing, skin cancer is increasing for both men and women.

So we're going to have a hard drive shredding party.  Get your PCs and Macs out of your garage.  Anything you were worried about before, get it out and bring it to us.   We'll remove the drive.  The PC and Mac will be recycled, and we'll donate the proceeds from EZ PC Recycling in Santa Ana to the Skin Cancer Donation. We'll schedule the destruction of the hard drive for a Saturday in June, and we'll invite you to the party.  We'll have the hard drive shredding truck on-site, so you can watch your hard drive get shredded on closed-caption TV, and enjoy a slice of organic, gluten-free pizza while you're at it.  We plan on inviting our friends from Company77.com to the party to feed the guests.  You'll want to bring your 2-year old (ok, any age will do) to the party, because that means there will be a real fire truck on-premises! Time and date will be announced in May.

I truly hope you can participate.  This is a great opportunity to get rid of the technical/computer crap in your garage that your wife or husband has been nagging you about, risk-free.  And it's an easy way you can help the people today and tomorrow who are being diagnosed with terminal skin cancer.   We'll be accepting donations of $20 per hard drive shredded (there's no fee for PC recycling), and 100% of proceeds will be donated to one or more skin cancer research and prevention foundations