This guy doesn't like my plan.

In June I'm planning on shredding a bunch of hard drives.  I'm going to help thousands of people across Orange County get rid of stuff clogging up their garages- old computers that have been sitting way too long.  Most of the time, it's just the concern about what happens to the data on the hard drive inside the computer that keeps the system in the garage.


You can bring that computer to TechRoom right now- and we're happy to remove ALL data containing devices- hard drives, etc., from the computer, at no charge to you.  We're accepting a donation of $25 per data containing device to have the drive SHREDDED by OC Shredding in our parking lot- in front of you- while you enjoy a slice of pizza cooked on Chris Owen's fire truck.  All profits from your hard drive shredding donation will go to help Melanoma (Skin Cancer) patients.  And you'll have more space in your garage.  It's a win-win-win.

Email me for more information.   If you have the usual IT guy that hoards crap, you have lots of stuff to get rid of.  And we can help.  And you'll help someone whose life is in serious jeopardy as well.

The only person pissed off about this is the toaster pictured to the right.