The #1 quality of the best technicians

I've been actively recruiting over the past several weeks, which has given me an opportunity to experience first-hand why business owners have such a difficult time with finding the right technical resource, the right consulting service.

I could talk about how many technicians still think their expired technical certifications have some value, when they don't.  Or I could share my experience sifting through the volume of resumés and applications that are riddled with typos and even address the wrong company. Recruiting is a pain. What I have discovered is that above all else there's one trait which is exceptionally rare and lacking in almost every technician who has applied: A big heart and deep desire for customer satisfaction.  Let me explain:

The professional technician with a heart sees their job far differently than other techs who just see devices and tasks.

I started my recruiting by looking for a skilled, competent, passionate and professional field technician. We (my team and I) authored those words in our Mission statement over a decade ago.  Those four words - skill, competence, passion and professionalism - seem to capture it all, right? They don't.  A technician can have all of those, but if the passion is about the technology, and not about the customer, everything falls apart in my business model.  A deep, genuine care for the satisfaction the customer can and will have is what motivates the best technician in the world to hone their skill, competence, passion and professionalism - literally aiming their skills with intensity like the best firefighter would their hose - at a problem that's hurting the customer's life or business.

The good news is that a technician can't fake caring. It shows in everything. If you're looking for it.  I've also realized that the person who does care, notices it in everything I do and have done for them as well: When they see TechRoom's weekday operating schedule, our benefits package, the training and development agenda, our criteria for an ideal focus customer, our focus on people above tools, and our culture of self-guided personal ownership and accountability - they tend to be very vocal about their appreciation. I intend on only putting that kind of person in front of TechRoom's customers.

I'm looking for the right person to join TechRoom. I haven't found her yet, but I'm positive she's out there.  If you think you know this person, would you be so kind to both of us to connect us via email or on LinkedIn?