Character first

I'm seeking TechRoom's next employee, someone with great character, an irresistible personality, who bleeds professionalism, has a deep knowledge of networking and servers, and who has MacGuyver-esque problem solving skills.

The more I think about my experience recruiting, I tend to believe we're completely out of the economic recession.  I think that the really hard hit to the economy in 2008 just woke people up, got them back to a conservative place where we're more careful about everything- what we buy, how much we spend.  As a result, small business owners (like me), tend to be more thoughtful about who we hire.  That's where things get tricky.

When you think tech, what's the first thing that comes to mind?  Technical skills usually comes to mind. Labels like Apple Genius or Geek tend to come to mind. What I've learned over the years is that the quality of the technical skills are not a predictor of good character, but good character is a very good predictor of great results.  Who would you rather hire, an arrogant and maladjusted technical "wizard" or a deeply conscientious and caring professional who loves technology?   My hiring "hierarchy of needs" looks like the picture on the right.  Character comes first.  If that's missing, nothing else matters.

The next hire I make will be someone I'm going to work closely with in some great businesses, with great customers, together with awesome team mates.  We're going to build and maintain great technology systems and have a lot of fun learning and becoming masters of current and new technologies, and we're going to keep improving the quality of the customer experience so we can do an even better job for our customers.  

Do you know this person? If so, please introduce me to them.  I can't wait to meet them!