Digital babies

We all want friction-free™ service that saves time.

We all want friction-free™ service that saves time.

A good friend and customer, as well as fellow Provisor member called into TechRoom just a few months after service.  He had some issues with his 27" iMac and wanted to know if he should bring it in to TechRoom again. I could hear the hesitation in his voice. When he and I last talked we had a great conversation about how the Apple Store experience is really awesome with maybe one exception: Transporting your desktop computer in to the mall.  I've always seen my job as trying to engineer a solution for my customer, and if the Apple Store can help more people like me when I need them for a business matter or to answer questions for the myriads of friends who are interested in Macs, I'm going to go all out to help the GB (Genius Bar) by designing services that complement what they're all about. So I gave my friend Tom an option he didn't expect. More on that below.

The issue with transporting your computer?  It doesn't matter if it's a desktop or notebook, but desktops are worse.  It's more than just unplugging the machine. Think about all the reasons why it's a not-fun experience: What if you have a huge desk that's hard to move?  With cables hidden that could fall behind and require movers to get out? How many people even want to know about which cable goes into what plug? How do I transport it safely? What if I scratch it? Is my data safe if there's an accident.  How do I know everything really works until it's back and completely re-installed onto my network. What if you didn't need to be without your machine for a day or more?  Wouldn't it be nice to just get a professional attention on the issue on your terms, at your convenience?

I've been working closely with my team to make TechRoom service friction-free™.  That means we're thinking about each stage of the customer experience, from the very moment they notice they need service.  This means that we need to think about what our customer is doing before they even pick up the phone to call us.  Some really cool things can come out of this kind of thinking and intention.  The majority of our 27" iMac customers can get service without needing to bring their computers in to us. Some options we now have for any customer (for both Apple Macs and PCs) include:

  • Remote Quick-Fix™.  We can address any problem, including third party software and Internet service issues like email configuration (even in Outlook- gasp). You name it. So many problems can be resolved in a few minutes with the right attention. Best of all, if we identify a problem that requires hands-on service, the $50 fee applies to your carry-in diagnostic within one week if its for the same issue. It's a win-win-win for our customer.
  • TechRoom Transporter™. We are so spoiled in Orange County. We don't have the artery-clogging traffic that's pandemic in Los Angeles. So we tend to drive everywhere.  But could you do something better than drive a couple hours for one errand?  How about having a technician pick up your computer, meticulously noting and diagramming the connections and taking steps proactively to prepare for the computer's return and reconnection, so you don't have to?  It's a professional technical courier that would make Jason Statham nod in approval.
  • AppleCare On-Site.  It still blows my mind that not everyone in the world knows that Apple provides on-site coverage for many issues. When Apple provides labor coverage, we reduce our fees accordingly. One CEO in San Clemente has enjoyed watching in own TechRoom technician repair his MacBook Air Ultimate, right in his office while he works.  No travel, minimal downtime.  And an amazing opportunity to test everything out right when we're done: All devices, iPad, iPhone, bluetooth keyboard and magic trackpad, wifi, you name it.

We're still coming up with some great new ideas for 2014.  One of my team mates said it best when she said, "These aren't just computers, people are bringing in their digital babies to us." I think about that all the time now. I hope some of the options above can save you or a friend or colleague a few hours this year.  

If you need service, call us at (949) 706-5852 or email service@techroom.com. Or if you refer someone, please let me know.

Happy 2014!