Mac OS X Server: The unbelievable IT budget

The Mac Mini Server with a Promise Pegasus storage array- A lot of power in a small package.

The Mac Mini Server with a Promise Pegasus storage array- A lot of power in a small package.

Update 2014 March 12: Just a quick disclaimer; I don't sell Apple equipment nor do I receive any kickbacks or commission on the sale of Apple product. In fact, I don't even own any Apple stock.

I am in the business of service, and helping business owners discover amazing options for their businesses that depend on Macs or PCs or a combination of the two is my specialty.  Ask most Mac techs what a Mac OS X Server costs to set up, and you'll likely get the same answer: "It depends."  That answer doesn't work, because you need to know installation costs are to help you make a purchasing decision.  But what exactly does installation include?  That question is exactly why most Mac techs get nervous about committing to a price.  It's a chicken-and-egg issue, even though it shouldn't be.


Ask me how much does it cost to install a Mac OS X Server, and I'll give you a different answer: $500 (USD, to be precise). It's really simple: We created a service for business owners that includes preparing, configuring and installing a Mac OS X Server, that includes basic capabilities like file sharing, email, calendar and contacts, for $500.  Whether it's a Mac Mini or a Mac Pro, the server installation is $500.  

Here's what's included:

  • We ask questions up front to prevent issues and surprises. You will not have a tech asking you to call your Internet Service Provider for information on the day of service, because we'll already have the information we need.
  • We'll help you design a server setup that works for your business. This includes your file sharing structure - who has permission to which folder - up front.  You will not have someone asking you to make last-minute decision that could have been made early on.  And we will help you through the process of understanding how server works so you can make great decisions about the configuration, no matter how technical you are.
  • We'll configure everything on the server up before the installation. When we arrive we'll be ready to connect the server to your network and connect your users to the server.  With the basics already done, we can focus on training- and making sure you and your employees know how to access the server.
  • We'll teach you how to transfer your data to the server.  You won't have to pay to have a technician sit there at an hourly rate, unless you want to.
  • We'll provide documentation and training.
  • We'll tell you about all the options: Other cool stuff you can do with the server that are optional, like mobile device management, Virtual Private Network setup, Windows server running virtually on a Mac server, and more.

If you need a Mac OS X Server setup, feel free to contact me. We're happy to help and keep things simple so you can stay busy growing your business.