You need to become master and commander of your own technology.  

Because your ability to succeed in life and win at work will be largely affected by how well you command technology. 

Tech is part of our new daily reality. It's everywhere. There’s no escaping it.  The question is, are you in control? If you are, you can spend more time doing what you love, with the people you love.  You can eat your competitor’s lunch, you’ll have time to plan and design your future, and you can work from anywhere, anytime.

If you're not in control, you'll lose out in the future. You’ll miss opportunities. You’ll get less done in more time and your competitors will eat your lunch. What's worse, you probably won’t know it until it’s too late because you’re a slave to your own technology and “too busy” with issues and problems to notice.

This is serious stuff.  It's such a big issue that some serious brains at universities including HarvardMIT, and UCI are focused on trying to figure out why big businesses are falling behind the curve of tech advancement. The real problem? CEOs who don't understand tech.  And this problem affects everyone and all businesses, not just big ones. 

The good news? You don't have to be a tech to become master and commander of your tech. You need absolutely zero (0) technical skills to get in control and stay in control.

Many of the most influential lifestyle design bloggers - leaders in their own right - all talk about tech as a key factor in their success.  Michael HyattRamit SethiPat FlynnTim Ferriss, all regularly refer to tech that gives them back more time. With the right technology, you can yield a 10X, even 100X return on investment of time.     

What would you do with an extra 100 hours per year? An extra 1000 hours per year?

You need to understand and adapt to technology, no matter what you do.  There are three ways I'm going to help you do this.

1) I’m going to tell you about the best technologies available today, and also what's coming tomorrow

The next time you're at a party, wedding, or any other event, I want you to be the most knowledgeable person in the room about the latest technology and trends. Not a geek, just cutting edge. Unless geek is your thing.

For years I have been asked to start a blog to share what I read, what I experiment with, and what I'm playing putting to use in my own life and in business. Well, here I go.

Let's get one important thing out in the open from the start: I am like Switzerland, Japan, America and Great Britain all rolled into one. I'm independent, an expert on both Mac and Windows. I'm partial to superior technologies. I'm absolutely judgmental, and I know I'm right, and I'm always professional and polite about it.  If a tech company makes awesome products and services that will add value to your life, I'll tell you.  If they do the opposite, I'll caution you to stay away.

I seek out technologies and trends that make my customer successful. Think Q. James Bond's Quartermaster.  I equip my customer with superior tech the same way Q equips James Bond with the watch, the gun and the car.

One more thing I want you to know up front: I'm often told I’m biased toward Apple because I think many of their products are superior. Well, I’m not biased. I’m right. I often do really basic math to calculate how much time things take. Want to use Windows?  Fine, enjoy.  Just know that on average, you are giving up about 8 years of your life compared to a Mac user.  8 years.  

2) I'll show you how to use technology to change your life and your business

All the greatest products and services in the world won’t do anything for you unless you have a system that works. Every week I meet business owners who end up in even bigger messes because they bought into products with high hopes, but with no strategy for success.  It’s common for business owners to walk into an Apple Store, spend tens of thousands of dollars, and end up with a bigger mess than when they started.

I am going to share strategies that work and success stories of businesses, families and even freelancers that have achieved awesome success by putting tech to work the right way.  From the four-person attorney firm that I showed how to net an extra $1 million per year (with no additional hires), to the entrepreneur who wanted to spend 20 extra hours per week with his spouse and kids, I’ll share specifics on how tech can transform your business and your life.

3) I’m going to show you how to switch away from substandard products and companies

Most people put off switching computers, phones, even entire IT systems, because of the pain associated with switching.  I want to show you how to switch - painlessly - away from substandard products and companies to tech that actually adds value to your life.

There are some challenges.  Every tech company has a vested interest in keeping you within their platform (meaning, buying stuff from them and staying with them, not switching away), and there are two ways they do this:

The better way is to create products that are so outstanding and add so much value to your life that you become fiercely loyal. Apple is arguably the best example of this.  They have one of the lowest marketing budgets of any company in the tech space because the majority of their marketing is indirect: Customers love their products, show them off to their friends, make their friends jealous. Then their friends buy.  The cycle repeats.

Then there are other companies with substandard products, keeping in mind that substandard can be relative. If you’re a Mac user, then you know that Windows is an inferior operating system.  But if you’re a Windows user, you don’t know any better until someone you like and trust opens your eyes to something better.  The more you knowledgeable you become about what’s available and how it can help you, the more you’ll recognize substandard when you see it. 

Three ways to learn more and get in control of your technology now

After 20+ years and some 60,000 hours helping people transform their lives and businesses with technology, I need to share what I've learned. Every week the vast majority of people I meet battle with their technology. Bad tech is hurting their productivity and costing them precious hours of their lives.

So I'm launching three resources to help you become a master of tech, without having to become a tech:


The Switcher Genius Podcast will be launching soon, and will be short format.  I’ll answer your tech questions in plain English, and find new ways to bring you lots of valuable content.  If you want to get notified when the podcast launches, you can sign up for updates here.


The Switcher Genius Blog will let me go deeper into tech products, systems, strategies and frameworks that we might talk about on the Podcast but can’t go into gory detail.


For people who want to dive deep, Switcher University is where I will be posting my online courses.  I’ll be creating and posting both free and paid courses there.  Teaching has been the biggest part of my day job for the past 20+ years, and Switcher University will enable me to reach and help more people than ever.  

About my inspirations. If you like these authors and podcasts, I think you'll love Switcher Genius

Austin Kleon, author of Steal like an Artist said “You are, in fact, a mashup of what you choose to let into your life.”  Many of the people who have had the biggest impact on me over the past five years have demonstrated really important values and strategies that I admire and am shamelessly copying if they weren’t already part of my DNA. I’d like to kick off the first blog post with a thanks to a few people, and explain how I’m copying them.

Michael Hyatt, creator of the This is Your Life Podcast, absolutely believes in “teach a man to fish”, and he uses his platform to teach the strategies and tactics that work for him so other people can apply it in their lives. Every time I hear him talk about his MacBook Pro, Google filters and templates, I smile. Technology has absolutely helped build, manage and improve his platform every day so he can help more people. My objective is to transform everyone I work with into their own master and commander of technology.  Technicians should be the help, and only delegated to, never abdicated to.  And every business owner, every parent, and every person out their can accelerate anything they want to do in life by learning how to hone their computer and tech better.  And inspired by Michael Hyatt, my platform will start with the Switcher Genius Podcast and Blog to reach as many people as I can.  

Ramit Sethi, author of I Will Teach Your To Be Rich, changes lives by writing about and teaching basic principles of money that really matter. And the majority of what he creates he gives away for free. Ramit uses education to transform lives, help people challenge and overcome belief systems and enable them to achieve their dreams.  When technology caught up to visionaries like Ramit, it enabled him to change more lives.  A huge part of my platform will be classes and courses designed to teach you about tech so you can be more informed, more self-sufficient and can apply the principles, strategies and tactics I’ve learned to your own life, household or business.  And like Ramit, I believe the majority of what I create should be free, which is necessary to open peoples eyes to what is possible.

Pat Flynn is the creator of the Smart Passive Income blog and podcast, and the self-proclaimed “crash test dummy” of entrepreneurs and believes in openness and transparency, sharing what works for him and what doesn’t. I’m sure Pat would agree that there’s probably nothing more humbling than being a father. You realize quickly how much you don’t know, and how much room you have to keep learning. Children teach you that it’s OK to fail and that you can learn from failure.  It would be a shame if I were to keep 20+ years of experiences including failures to myself.  So in classic Pat style, I’m going to bare all.

If anyone has mastered application of the 80/20 rule to focused, results-oriented learning, it’s Tim Ferriss. Tim doesn’t know me (yet), but we have a lot in common. INTJ, East Asian Language and Literature, and an insatiable desire to learn from the masters. Most people have a belief that tech is the realm of techies. It’s absolutely not. While I can’t use 4-hour in my lexicon, as it’s Tim’s domain, I can tell tell you that the principles of learning are exactly the same when it comes to tech. I can teach a stay-at-home-mom (or dad) how to launch a company from their home in under a day. I can also teach a CEO of a 250-25,000 person company how to run their IT with zero techs. 

Let's get started!

Connect up with me on twitter, and join my newsletter.  I'll be sending out updates and also exclusive free tools and content only on the newsletter. And stay tuned to the blog for announcements as the Switcher Genius podcast kicks off soon.  I'm looking for your questions, and also for your feedback, which I believe will help make the podcast the best it can be for everyone.