For Business

Spend all your time on business. We'll take care of your technology.  No surprises. You're in control.

Case-by-case on-site service for home or office

Do you need one-time service to your home or office?  We can come to your site, take on any issue or need, while keeping you in control of the results and the cost of service without a long term commitment. Need an onsite?  Call us at (949) 706-5852 or request an onsite online.

Have a traditional MSP plan? It's hurting your business.

We call it TR Care for business. You'll call it profit and peace of mind.  Regular service to keep things running in your office. Our goal is to help you be more profitable, and we can do that by taking care of your employees and their computers and devices so you can focus 100% on business.  Learn how TR Care works here. Then contact us for more information. We provide an initial consultation at no charge.

Fractional CIO service

If you already have an IT resource, such as a consultant, a managed service provider, or an internal employee designated as responsible for your technology, but you feel like you still need more horsepower out of your technology or things aren't working the way you expect, you need TechRoom Fractional CIO Service.   We work with business owners, CEOs, CFOs and management consultants to get your technology system under control so you can start get the control, profitable growth and peace of mind you expect as a business owner.