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Switch from one computer to another, or switch your whole household or business, without problems and surprises.


Most people want to switch to a new computer, but usually wait until it's too late because switching usually creates lost time and pain. You're totally dependent on whatever data transfer service is included in the price of the new PC or Mac you buy,  countless issues come up, usually after you get back to your home of office. Then you spend weeks trying to straighten things out.  It's no wonder people put off switching.

Switcher Genius® from TechRoom lets you switch without regrets, without pain, and without surprises.  Here's how it works:

  1. Pick your computer of choice: Mac, PC, it doesn't matter.  We're experts on both and can even make Mac and Windows play well perfectly for you.
  2. Call us to reserve your Switcher Genius Assessment: We'll plan your switch from beginning to end together with you, to avoid surprises.
  3. Then we'll make your switch happen seamlessly while you do other stuff you care about:  We're experts at switching, and you'll feel the benefit of working with TechRoom when everything just works.

No more lost time with repeat service calls back to the help desk.  No more lost productivity. Whether you want to move from an old computer to a new one, from an old smartphone to a new one, Switcher Genius is the service you need.  Contact us for more information or to reserve your Switcher Genius Assessment.

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