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Since 2001 we've helped home owners get back to doing what they love, and helped them protect their previous memories and important documents.

Whether you're in Newport Beach or New York, TechRoom Concierge™ can make sure you never waste a moment of time on a technology problem. Your TechRoom team is always available to take care of you with priority, which means you can spend more time doing the things you love. 

Thank you for caring about me. Thank you for caring about the success of our family owned business. Thank you for taking care of my mom, dad, sister and business partners. Thank you for caring. It is caring and being a servant that has been missing in your industry. Keep up the good work.... Love ya. Paul 2
— Paul Moote II, Vice President, The Moote Group

Do you want your wireless working perfectly?  Do you want better ways to protect your children from dangerous websites? Do you wonder whether or not your backup system would really work if your hard drive fails? How do you know everything is really being backed up? Do you wish your AV system and technology worked better together? 

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