TechRoom PROVIDES visitors and expatriates IN JAPAN PROFESSIONAL TECHNICAL support INCLUDING TECH concierge service. English-SPEAKING, fluent, fast, efficient resolution for any computer or tech-related problem.


We are your on-call tech support in Japan

If you're a visiting Japan or an English-speaking expatriate living in Japan, finding competent, English-speaking tech support is a major problem.

While you can find an Apple Store in a major city, like Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka, retail staff are not trained to solve the majority of issues that can occur with a Mac, iPhone or other device, and certainly no Windows support. Most retail stores do not have English-speaking staff, and hours are limited.  Finding competent, English-speaking tech support in Japan is a major problem for professionals who do not have time to waste.

The solution is TechRoom

For over two decades TechRoom has helped everyday people and world-class businesses achieve their goals and objectives, by solving problems with absolute ownership, unmatched technical competence (both Mac and Windows PC) and a unique process and system for keeping customers up-and-running.

A highly qualified expert in Japan

TechRoom's founder and Chief Technologist, James Coleman, holds a B.A. in Japanese Language and Literature and a MBA from the University of California, Irvine.  With over 25 years experience with Japan and its systems, James is uniquely capable of satisfying the technical service needs of English-speaking individuals visiting or living in Japan, from Okinawa to Hokkaido, and everywhere in-between. James is a dual-platform expert on both the Apple Mac and Windows PC platforms, and by invitation from Apple Inc. served in an advisory capacity to the AppleCare management team.

If you are visiting Japan

If you plan on visiting Japan for business or pleasure, TechRoom can provide service and support if you experience tech issues and need immediate assistance. We recommend to every individual preparing to visit Japan to schedule a consultation with us via Skype or Facetime, during which we can help you understand the majority of major tech problems that can occur, and show you how to avoid them.  This way, you can enjoy and fully utilize every minute of your trip.

If you are doing business in Japan

If your company does business in Japan, TechRoom can both supplement and complement your home country's I.T. by providing support within Japan, even for a remote team of one person. Support is provided both during Japanese business hours, and even after-hours as required, with full knowledge of local resources.  TechRoom also designs and manages trouble-free remote satellite offices and home offices in Japan.