TechRoom Concierge Service: How to pay via Bank Check

To ensure the highest security for our customers, TechRoom accepts "Electronic Check" payments instead of traditional, old-fashioned paper checks.  When paying via electronic check there's zero chance someone can intercept your check (and your bank account information) in the mail. Paying by electronic check doesn't cost you any more, and actually saves you postage.

You can continue printing paper checks if you prefer to do so.  The only difference is that you don't mail the check, and instead simply enter the check routing and account information into the invoice you receive from TechRoom via email.

To pay a TechRoom invoice by electronic check, please use the process steps below.  Each step has a corresponding image that you can make larger by clicking.   


Step 1: View the invoice

When you receive your monthly invoice from TechRoom via email, open it and click on the "View Invoice" button (see image to the left).


Step 2: Pay the invoice

Clicking on the "View Invoice" button will open up your web browser and take you to your invoice.  You can review the invoice details on this page.  To pay the invoice, click the "Pay now" button.

At this time, creating a paper check in your accounting system is completely optional, at your discretion.  In the next step, you'll just need the routing number and account number located on your checks.


Step 3: Enter bank information

In this step you just enter your bank's routing number and account number.  Click on the image to the left for an example of where this information is located on your check.

The account holder's name is typically the primary signer on the account.  You can also enter the business name as well in most cases without any issue.

Once you've entered this information, click "Next".


Step 4

The next page confirms your payment amount and details.  Please review your entries, and then click on "Send payment". 


summary and confirmation

After clicking "Send payment", you'll get a confirmation message and the option to print a receipt for the payment (see image to the left).