Enjoy all your photos in one beautiful, organized library.

...and on all your Apple devices anytime, anywhere.

Every day people tell me how frustrated they are with their photos on their Mac.  
They love their Mac, but if their photos are out of control, it's beyond frustrating.
One of the major benefits of owning a Mac should be the ability to enjoy all your photos,
anytime, and on any of your Apple devices.


If you have an iPhone, or a digital camera, it's easy to take a ton of photos.
I'm not talking about a few photos.  I'm talking about hundreds.  Even thousands of photos.
Travel, vacations, weekend trips, graduations, weddings, school events.
Even just taking pictures of your loved ones, your pets, and great meals.

It's easy to take a ton of photos- enough to regularly fill up your iPhone or camera.

Getting your photos into your Mac is another thing.  Every application is different.
Then Apple comes out with a new Photos app and photos in the cloud, and changes everything.

iPhoto, Aperture, Photos, Image Capture? Now things just got more confusing.


When my wife and I had our firstborn,
I wanted her to have easy access to all of our family photos on her Mac.  
And not just the new ones; I wanted her to have access to every photo we've ever taken,
even all the photos, digital or printed or slides, that our parents left behind.

I solve technology problems for businesses every day,
and I've helped famous artists and even photographers
organize hundreds of thousands of their own photos. 
So I decided to take all that experience and know-how and focus
on ensuring my wife and our family could do the same.

I wanted my wife and my two sons to enjoy all the great memories we create,
now, from a young age.  Not just when I'm gone.

Today, we have one family photo library that we can access on any of our Apple devices.
Every time we return from vacation or an event, we bring in our best photos,
and share our favorites privately and securely with select family and friends.

Even better, all our old family photos are scanned and preserved forever in our family photo library,
and we even have our family videos, as far back at the 1960s, converted and imported.
We can find any photo and play any video on any Mac, iPhone, iPad,
and even on our Apple TVs. Not just at home, but even while traveling.

My children can relive our epic vacations.
When we go through out photos we have some of our best family time.  
We talk together, we laugh together. We talk about the past and what's to come.
Our photos are so much more than just a library. It's our family memories.

It wasn't easy, but after thousands of hours of research, countless backups,
and trial-and-error, I finally found the formula that worked.


After investing thousands of hours in the solution, I decided to apply what I learned at TechRoom. 
After all, throughout my career I've advised companies, including Apple, 
on how to build the best services that solve customer problems.  
And I had just designed a major life-changing service.

I asked other customers what they wanted in a solution for their photos, and they told me:

1. Convenience: No trips to the mall.

2. Simplicity: Let someone else solve the problems.

3. Privacy: Knowing with 100% certainty that their photos are safe and secure.

4. Freedom: Once it's working, to know how to use it without technical help.

5. Fun and "WOW" factor: Be able to access any photo, anywhere, with ease.

So I built the ultimate, turn-key,
simple service for you:

1. We discuss your current photos and videos situation

2. We agree on a schedule for getting the work done

3. I use secure remote access to organize your photos on your computer

4. Once your photo library is fixed, I show you to manage it

5. You get to enjoy your new photo library

I handle all of the work, including identifying duplicates, consolidating libraries, importing albums, and more.

All of this, without you having to leave your house.

Why should you have to spend hundreds of hours troubleshooting
your photo library, when I can do it for you?