Organize My Photos!


Organize My Photos!

999.00 1,299.00

Includes backup, deduplication (safe duplicate removal), consolidation and organization of photo libraries and other photo sources (up to 10 libraries plus folders on up to 10 hard drives) into one master Photos library.  

Also includes preparation required to utilize Photos in iCloud, and sharing across multiple devices including iPhone, iPad and Mac (in same household).

Hardware and apps that are required for backup and intermediary or final storage are extra and may be purchased by customer directly or provided by TechRoom for an additional fee, if required.

Scheduling is on a first-come, first-served basis.  Photos Organization may take on average two weeks, and in some cases a month or longer to complete, based on a variety of factors including the volume of photos, hardware processing speed, availability of customer, and scheduling constraints.

Scanning and transfer of film and physical photos, slides and videos are available as add-ons and for separate fees.

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