Frequently Asked Questions about the Provisors PC Optimization and Tune-up

Question: Do I need an appointment:

Answer: Yes, this service is by appointment only.


Question: What’s included?


    We will complete a top-level check-up and tune-up of your computer, including:

  1. Virus, malware, adware scan and clean
  2. Hard drive bad blocks check
  3. Memory and storage (RAM and hard drive) utilization check: Do you have enough memory and space, or is your computer erring under the hood?
  4. Apply Windows and/or Mac OS updates to the operating system, as well as review of major business application updates
  5. Basic hardware check
  6. Exterior and interior cleaning: Good for hygiene (all the nasty viruses that make us sick get eliminated) and good for the computer
  7. We’ll itemize recommendations for better performance throughout the next year in 2015


Question: Why won't you provide this package after 12/30?

Answer: We offer this same package all the time, year-round for $350.  The holiday season is special because most business professionals have the time to plan and prepare for the year ahead, and we have the capacity now to provide a valuable, problem-prevention focused service that's designed to help keep you as focused and trouble-free as possible in 2015.


Question: How long does it take:

Answer: Plan the appointment to drop it off, leave it with us for 2 hours, and then plan for 30 minutes at the time of pickup to sit down with your technician to go over the checkup/tuneup results.


Question: What are your hours?

Answer: TechRoom's service center is open from 9:00AM to 5:00PM Monday through Friday.  We're closed on 12/25 and 12/26 so our employees can enjoy the holiday with their families.


Question: Is this for Windows only, or Mac too?

Answer: Mac or PC or smartphone or tablet.


Question: Can you check out my smartphone and tablet too?

Answer: Yes, during pickup we can review your mobile devices and make suggestions for better compatibility.


Question: Are upgrades to software or hardware included in the fee?

Answer: Updates are included to the OS and major applications at the time of service, but version upgrades (e.g. Windows 7 to Windows 8, or Office 2010 to Office 2013) are not included in this service, but may be paid for separately.  Hardware upgrades and the labor to install are not included in this service.


Question: Do I have to come back if I need more services or want another upgrade?

Answer: No, we can continue service, or set up a subsequent priority appointment for you.


Question: Do I have to be a Provisors member to get this package?

Answer: No, this package was created for Provisors members and their customers and their family and friends.  Just be sure to make sure they mention Provisors and tell us who referred them so we can thank you at the next Provisors meeting!


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