A Repair Solutions Tech is no ordinary tech

TechRoom is a multi-vendor IT company, which means we're experts on Mac and Windows. And our repair experts are experts on both Macs and Windows PC, just to start. The ideal person for the Repair Solutions Technician job should have 3-5 years experience in professional repair services and must have the following attitudes, skills and experience:

  • Has an unmatched positive attitude
  • Demonstrates unmatched professionalism in everything, every waking moment, including in their own personal presentation
  • Actively listens to understand customer priorities and goals beyond basic needs and requests
  • Has almost obsessive-compulsive attention to detail
  • Is incredibly organized all day, every day
  • Loves impressing customers with outstanding results
  • Enjoys working across multiple diverse environments outside of the office and working with many different types of customers from many different backgrounds
  • Knows how to manage an incredible volume of work without getting "overwhelmed"
  • Understands the dynamics of professional repair operations including working with field engineers, account managers, account executives and dispatch and scheduling support staff

The ideal candidate also has superb technical skills required for meet the needs of individual and business customers:

  • Solid understanding of computer fundamentals, e.g., be able to explain the functions of and differences among the hardware and software layers, including application, preference and data layers
  • Thorough understanding of Mac and Windows operating systems, including an understanding of basic networking (peer to peer and peer to server)
  • Outstanding account management, follow-through and problem solving skills
  • Resourcefulness and attention to detail 
  • Fluency in English
  • Excellent communication skill, both written and verbal 
  • Excellent technical documentation skills
  • B.S. in computer science or a related technical discipline or equivalent degree demonstrating capability
  • 4-year degree from an accredited university required 
Characteristics of success
  • 3-5 years repair experience with Mac and Windows-based products, notebooks and desktops and Mac and Windows operating systems including current operating systems
  • Experience migrating data from source to target systems with and without prior documentation in order to satisfy the operating requirements of the customer completely without reworks
  • Ability to multi-task and to work under pressure

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