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TechRoom Repairs: Fast, professional and budget-friendly

Need a cost-effective, fast repair for your Mac or PC?  We're experts on both Mac and PC, and our service process is predictable, reliable and convenient.

Here's how repair service at TechRoom works:

  1. Just come on in. We'll review your situation at our counter, discuss all the options, and find the option that works best for you.  
  2. We'll find out what's important to you.  We'll find out by listening to you.  Some customers want the cheapest repair possible. Others are looking for all the options so they can pick what's best for them.  Others still want someone to help them think ahead - and make sure any dollar spent today is worth it tomorrow. 
  3. We'll call you proactively with updates. You won't wonder what's going on because we'll keep you informed.
  4. We'll make sure you're happy with the results.  We want your referrals, and we'll prove it. We take the time to test-drive the repair with you.

We don't sell computers. You'll get completely unbiased repair options.  And our affordable diagnostic service - still just $50 even after 12 years - guarantees you'll get all the options and real costs before you make a commitment,  so you can make a decision fully-informed and without surprises.  

Request service here, or just call us at (949) 706-5852.  We're looking forward to serving you!