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Unbiased Expertise

TechRoom is a team of experts committed to providing unbiased multi-vendor service for customers who use Macs, Windows-based PCs, or both.  TechRoom does not sell computers, and receives no financial benefit or incentive related to the computers and smartphones that our customers buy.  In fact, TechRoom refers customers and millions of dollars of product sales for those customers back to the best manufacturers and retailers that can serve them.

TechRoom's multi-vendor, service-only business model allows customers to make decisions in their best interest and allows customers to be informed of multiple options.  Computer resellers, consultants and single-platform focused service providers who "specialize" in Mac or Windows, but not both, typically can't provide customers the unbiased options they require. Even in the world of Apple, it's not as simple and straightforward as it would appear.

TechRoom provides repair, consulting and technology management services for individuals, homes and businesses.  TechRoom is the first company to offer the Switchability Assessment™, a unique tool that allows individuals and businesses to understand the seven most important factors required to make a switch to any new technology, Mac, PC, iPhone, Android or other, seamless and successful. TechRoom's CEO James Coleman and a team of experts created the Switchability Assessment™ from over a decade of research and work with thousands of individual and business switchers.