Getting Help from TechRoom

You can create service requests (a.k.a. tickets) two ways:

  1. Click "Get Help" at the top of www.techroom.com or
  2. Go direct to https://help.techroom.com

What the system is for:

  1. To provide our customers an easy way to communicate wants and needs
  2. To enable our customers to see the status of and and all requests, at any time
  3. To help TechRoom keep track of and prioritize every single customer request, no matter how small

A lot of service providers put in help desk systems, then something bad happens.  Techs (and even their managers) hide behind them.  The system ends up becoming a ping-pong match of messages back and forth, instead of what should happen: The tech replies, picks up the phone and calls you.

What the system is NOT for:

  1. It does not replace face to face or voice-to-voice communication
  2. It's not for having a conversation
  3. It is not for troubleshooting and diagnosing

How to use the TechRoom ticketing system

You can create a new service request anytime at http://help.techroom.com with or without registering for an account.  

Optional: If you want to be able to log on to see the status of your tickets, or if you want to use the ticketing system app (click to download for iPhone) to review your tickets, you'll need to register for an account.  Registration is simple, easy and quick.

For Business Owners, Principals and Heads of Household

If you have contracted TechRoom as your IT provider, then any service requests from anyone at your company or within your household are automatically identified, organized and prioritized. 

Additionally, business owners, principals and heads of household, as well a their designated managers can log in to see all open tickets, including who has requested service and what the status of each service request is.  This way you are always in touch with the current state of your business and have visibility to any tech issues. No surprises.

Employees and other individuals can log in to see just their own service requests.

About Priority+Urgency Levels

We asked our business customers what they defined as urgent and what they felt response time and turnaround time should be. Here's what we heard:

LOW PRIORITY: The issue isn't urgent, just please get back to me when you can. 
Turnaround time: Get back to me to discuss in the next 1-2 weeks.

MEDIUM PRIORITY: The issue is an occasional problem. Things are functional, but annoying.
Turnaround time: Get back to me in one business day. If approved, remedy in 1-2 weeks.

HIGH PRIORITY: This is a disruptive issue, I am not down but it is affecting my productivity.
Turnaround time: Get back to me within four hours, and please remedy within 3 business days.

URGENT PRIORITYThis is a crisis, a major outage, I am down.
Turnaround time: Get back to me within one hour, ideally immediately. Correct within 1 business day or sooner.

These four levels reflect the needs of most organizations.  Our objective is to eliminate as many Medium, High and Urgent issues as possible, and work together with you to identify opportunities to prevent most issues. At TechRoom, we love customers who are prepared to make the right investments to prevent constant crisis, and we're willing to walk through fire for them.

Please Share Your Feedback

Please let us know if you have a question or see an opportunity to improve.  Or if we're doing a great job, please let us know as well. How? Just create a new service ticket here.

Our highest objective is earning your confidence, measured in referrals of your friends, family and colleagues.