Don't lose your time. Or your mind.

TechRoom can help you switch technology without losing time, critical work documents, and precious memories.

If you're a person who depends on your computer or smartphone, professionally or personally, switching to a new device can be a daunting task. How do you make sure everything is working when you're done? How many trips back to the store do you really want to make?

Our customers want new technology, and they just want everything to work. So we've mastered the science, and art, of the switch. With TechRoom's Switcher Genius® service, you can expect to switch on budget, on time, and with everything you wanted working the first time. And we even provide phone and screen-sharing support post switch in case things additional needs come up you didn't expect.

Read about two customers' experiences here, then take the first step at the bottom of this page by signing up for a free Switchability™ Assessment:

As a small business owner, I don’t have IT staff in-house. Recently I converted from my BlackBerry to an iPhone. I was excited to get new technology, yet I couldn’t sync it with my Outlook 2010. In desperate need of access to my calendar and contacts during the day, I turned to the Genius Bar at the local Apple store. They promptly told me that they don’t support Outlook. My next call was to the local Microsoft store. Not surprisingly, they don’t support Apple products. Tired and frustrated, I did what I should have done in the first place: I called TechRoom.

TechRoom is the only company I know of with expertise in both Apple and Microsoft products. One of their technicians worked with me to customize my laptop and iPhone, giving me real-time access to my calendar and contacts. He asked me about how I use the different applications so that he could provide a solution that met my business needs. He was fast and knowledgeable.

If you need help switching from PC to Apple, Apple to PC, or getting the two to work together, I would highly recommend TechRoom.
— Linda Duffy, Ethos Human Capital Solutions
About two years ago, I decided to switch from my beloved Thinkpad PC to a Macbook Air. It was a difficult and emotional choice for me, because I’d been a PC user for most of my life. Making matters worse, the Apple Store where I purchased my Macbook Air ran into some serious challenges transferring my files.

The issues proved to be beyond the skillset of the Genius Bar. Three transfers were attempted, resulting in massive duplication on my Mac, a bizarre confusion of files, and the inexplicable deletion of seven years of my emails from my PC, along with other, precious data.

I spent about two weeks going to the Apple Store every day, working with the staff there and trying to make this right. It was exhausting, expensive for all concerned, and incredibly frustrating. And, at the end of three weeks, I was worse off than when I started. Finally, the manager of the Century City store paid for TechRoom, an independent company, to take over my case. Within two days, TechRoom’s incredibly knowledgeable, expert staff had recovered all the data lost from my Thinkpad, had made a perfect and clean transfer of all my files and emails to my my Macbook. TechRoom’s staff were polite, responsive, and incredibly swift.

Having worked at the highest levels of five different fields - law, politics, news, consulting, and writing, I’d rarely seen such a degree of basic competence and efficiency as TechRoom demonstrated those two days. I couldn’t recommend them more highly.
— Roger Wolfson, J.D. M.A., Author & Speaker

The TechRoom Switchability™ Assessment

If you're thinking about buying a new Mac, iPhone, PC or other smartphone, you want to avoid the headaches, hassles, hidden costs and problems that result in lost time and loss of your important email, contacts, work documents and even precious photos.

The TechRoom Switchability™ Assessment is an unbiased and complimentary service that allows you to prepare for a seamless switch to a new computer, smartphone, or any other technology, for yourself or for your business. The Switchability™ Assessment is a brief review of the seven most common problems for individuals and businesses during a switch, and explains how you can avoid them.

The Switchability™ Assessment is complimentary, takes only 15 minutes to complete, and can be completed over the phone, or via FaceTime or Skype. To get started, complete the sign-up form below, which takes less than a minute. Once you submit the sign-up, we'll contact you to schedule your Switchability™ Assessment.

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