Your TechRoom Concierge

I first selected TechRoom because they were recommended to me by my local Apple Store. I am now a life-long TechRoom customer because: 1) They did what they said they would do 2) They are easy to do business with and 3) Every interaction with every TechRoom employee has been an absolute pleasure.
— Joe Stocker

We provide competent and caring tech service, 24/7:

  • Remote: Via telephone and screen-sharing
  • Onsite: To your home or office 
  • Visit us: At our office in Newport Beach, California
You and your team are competent, skilled, responsive and enthusiastic. Everyone is helpful and effective, and your service process is transparent. You solved a challenge with my home computer that baffled several other resources and even discovered design and equipment flaws that others overlooked.
— Patrick O'Healy, O'Healy Commercial Realty

Imagine having a skilled, competent tech who knows what you want and need, available to you 24/7. For any problem, even the smallest configuration issue on your computer or phone.  Imagine how much time you would save.  Need help learning how to do something?  Want your spouse or children to get help with an issue they're having?  We're at your service, for one-time service needs or for full-time priority support, for a small monthly service fee that gives you unmatched access and convenience for your life or business or both.

Our customers live and work across the United States and across the world.  From upstate New York to San Francisco to our local neighborhood in Newport Beach, California. What all of our customers have in common is value for their time.  And we take care of them, day or night, no matter what they need.

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Does TechRoom Concierge™ sound perfect for your life or business?  Request a complimentary TechRoom Concierge™ call here.  We'll take the time to understand your needs and identify how we can serve you best.  We look forward to meeting you.   

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Get your business set up the right way, and stay productive.
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We fix all the problems, and keep homes hassle-free.
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