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What is TechRoom?

TechRoom is a consultancy that provides multi-vendor technology services to very select businesses and individuals. Led by its founder and CEO James Coleman, TechRoom enables executives and business owners to ready, adapt and transform their businesses with the technology-enabled operations needed to succeed in a hyper-dynamic world market.

The new world marketplace will be dominated by million-dollar solopreneurs, and mid-market companies that enable their employees with the thinking and tools needed to beat much larger and older competitors.  Tenure and legacy no longer matter. TechRoom enables tech-enabled strategic success for Davids who could care less about Goliaths.

TechRoom provides consulting and concierge technology services.  Service requests may be submitted here (link).

About James Coleman

James Coleman is founder and CEO of TechRoom. He has been called "the translator of tech" for executives seeking clarity in a world where the language of tech, and its potential impact to business, changes by the quarter.

James' passion for intense transformations together with his vision for the future of tech in life and business became the foundation for TechRoom while in b-school. Instead of following the traditional course and working for a large company, he decided to focus on select businesses and individuals in markets that he considers grossly underserved today, but capable of radical success in the future, if prepared with the right tech and thinking.

James was called the "most innovative thinker" by his class at the Paul Merage School of Business at the University of California, Irvine.

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