TechRoom Concierge: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

On this page you'll find all the questions we here about our TechRoom Concierge IT service for businesses and homes.

Q: What is TechRoom Concierge?

A: TechRoom Concierge is the name of our information technology (IT) - or just tech for short - service program for businesses, homes and individuals.

Q: Who is TechRoom Concierge for?

A: TechRoom Concierge is designed for any business or home that uses technology, wants to keep it trouble-free, and wants fast, professional and effective help when problems do occur.

Q: What capabilities does TechRoom have?

A: TechRoom is a multi-vendor service-only provider.  In plain English, this means we're not in anyone's pocket, and we service the technologies our customer relies on. Some of the technologies we regularly service include:

  • We have a full-service on-site capability, to take care of your employees and all your IT at the office or your home
  • We also have a full-service repair center, where you can come to us, or mail us your device for repair.  We repair both PCs and Macs.  We also perform 1st level data recovery, and 2nd level data recovery via the masters of physical data recovery, DriveSavers
  • Apple technologies, including Mac, iOS (iPhone, iPad, even Apple Watch)
  • Windows 7, Windows 8 and older Microsoft tech like WIndows XP
  • Both Windows and Apple servers
  • Networks, both wired and wireless
  • Security, including firewalls, routers, access points and switches
  • Mobile Device Management of Macs, PCs, iOS devices, and Android devices
  • Antivirus and antithreat management


Q: I'm a business user with an IT department, how can I use TechRoom services?

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