TechRoom Concierge™ Service for business

A productive team of 5 can outperform a distracted team of 10. If your tech service isn't helping you, it's hurting you.

A productive team of 5 can outperform a distracted team of 10. If your tech service isn't helping you, it's hurting you.

TechRoom Concierge service is quick, effective and professional support for businesses and individuals, supporting Apple Macs, Windows PCs and all the technologies you want to use.

The Basics

You can use our services in two ways:

  1. One-time, case-by-case service
  2. Month-to-month priority service

With TechRoom Concierge month-to-month service, we invest the time to keep an up-to-date file on your account, documenting your preferences and key information as we go to make service more efficient as time goes by. You'll benefit from lower total cost of support, faster response times, and priority access to service over all other service requests.

A list of our technical capabilities is available here.

As a business manager, my sole objective has been to simplify the IT challenge, improve reliability and reduce downtime and support labor. We have achieved this many times over with TechRoom’s help – and wouldn’t have gotten there without them.
— Rodney Brenneman, CEO

How techroom concierge month-to-month service works

TechRoom Concierge service for business is:

  1. Responsive: All customer requests are treated as urgent and deserve same-day service.
  2. Effective: We focus on getting to the root cause of an issue, so problems get fixed and stay fixed.
  3. Informative: We want to keep our customers without overloading them with the gory detail.
  4. Innovative: Helpdesk just fixes problems. We want to show you how to do more and get more out of the technology you have, and show you what's coming that could benefit you.
  5. Budget-friendly: Set your own budget, and increase or decrease when you want. Starting at $500 per month.
  6. Low-risk: Go month-to-month with no long-term commitment. If you love us, keep us. It's that simple.

Getting started

If we're a good fit, the next step is to pick a budget. TechRoom Concierge works for almost any business budget, starting as little as $500 per month.

TechRoom Concierge customers receive same-day priority for all services within the monthly budget you set, and we prioritize service requests above all other service requests we receive.  Once the monthly service budget is exhausted, you can still approve additional service on an as-available basis with normal priority, or increase your budget with same-day priority.

If you haven't had an IT budget, or aren't sure about what's realistic, we can help. We have worked with thousands of businesses for over two decades, and we have identified five factors that help us accurately forecast what your service budget should be. Just remember, you can always increase or decrease your budget based on business needs. Our job is to maximize results within your budget.

Your chief concierge

James Coleman, TechRoom CEO and Your Chief Concierge

James Coleman, TechRoom CEO and Your Chief Concierge

I founded TechRoom in 2001 as part of a business school competition at the Paul Merage School of business. I believes that every business, every home, starts with a person. Treat people well, learn what they need, and be smart about it, and service can better than anyone can imagine.  That's been my business model since the beginning.  

Ironically, it's the one that techs are least fond of.  It's easier to monitor metrics than it is to ask someone how they feel.  When you become a TechRoom Concierge customer, you may interact with my incredible team more than me, but at the end of the day, you are my customer. TechRoom gets better daily because I listen to your feedback and act on it.

Let's connect. Message me on LinkedIn, send me a tweet or just call me. I look forward to chatting.

I called on James Coleman and the TechRoom team to design and implement a technology system for my new company. The TechRoom team introduced me to new technologies and designed a system that all works together - and made my business more efficient and reliable. I am extremely satisfied.
— Greg Haack, President Intellibenefits


Why We're (very) Different

  1. We focus on service. We don't sell computers.
  2. We're multi-vendor: We are experts Apple Mac, Windows PC, Google and other technologies our customers use.
  3. TechRoom really is a TechRoom where we can fix, upgrade or recover almost anything, hardware or software.
  4. We provide service on-site, via walk-in by appointment, and via remote access, depending on your needs.

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If you would like to have a call to discuss your specific situation, please send me a note using the form here. I will follow up right away so we can schedule a call together.

When we have a call together I'll take the time to listen, understand and answer your questions. My goal is to find the right resource that can help you, even if it isn't TechRoom.

I look forward to meeting you.

James Coleman, CEO
TechRoom, Inc.

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