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Mac and PC Upgrades

Want to speed up your existing computer?  Save money? Get another year out of your existing computer? TechRoom is qualified and authorized to perform upgrades for most manufacturers, including AppleCare.   Your warranty remains intact with our service.

  • Hard drives for notebooks up to the largest and fastest available. We even have 1TB (1000 Gigabyte) drives available for some MacBook Pros and PC notebooks!
  • Flash upgrades for MacBook Air customers who need more storage
  • Memory (RAM) upgrades for faster performance

Here's how our upgrade process works:

  1. Come in with your computer, and we'll review what's available.  We want to make sure you're getting the right upgrade- because it's not the upgrade you want- it's the results you'll feel.
  2. We'll complete the upgrade in any time frame you want. Most of our upgrades are only one day, and we have same-day service available as well.
  3. Enjoy your upgrade worry-free.  Our upgrades come with both manufacturer warranty and a TechRoom Service Guarantee.

Need to upgrade your Mac OS X version or Windows and want it to be seamless and trouble-free? Check out Switcher Genius® from TechRoom.

Ready for a faster, better, strong computer?   Request service here, or just call us at (949) 706-5852.   We're ready to take care of you.


Upgrades services: