we love helping customers succeed with technology.

Our Vision

For years I have trusted TechRoom with the care of my computers and, by extension, the care of personal and professional life! TechRoom has provided complete professionalism with zero-error results!

Accordingly, I’ve repeatedly brought my computers to your firm and, more importantly, have strongly recommended your firm to my friends— You and your colleagues are to be commended for providing a sterling example customer service and support.
— Royce Rumsey, Emergency Medical Information, Orange County California

Is simply to be the most beloved service company in the world.

Our Mission

To enable our customers' success, in business and in their personal lives, by setting new standards for service excellence, with skilled, professional, passionate people who care and demonstrate accountability and competence in everything we do.

Why we're different

We are a multi-vendor, platform agnostic service provider. 

You and your team are competent, skilled, responsive and enthusiastic. Everyone is helpful and effective, and your service process is transparent. You solved a challenge with my home computer that baffled several other resources and even discovered design and equipment flaws that others overlooked.
— Patrick O'Healy, O'Healy Commercial Realty

This means we're experts on both Apple Macs and Windows PCs. And Google, Android, iPhone, iPad. What our customers use is what we focus on.  Most service providers focus on one brand or another, usually what they sell. This approach is limiting and a conflict of interest. Our service focus ensures accountability to you, which continues as new technologies arrive and old ones fade away.

We are service-focused.

Without a computer, cloud or other product sales agenda, we're focused on you.  Anyone who sells computers and resells cloud services has a different focus. Our customers expect unbiased recommendations, and support for products that they don't always want to replace.

We have a time-tested process that works.

We believe every customer wants to hear the words: "I will find a way to accomplish what you want." At TechRoom we use the TechRoom Standards Advantage ("TRSA") process to do this, every time, with every customer. Every customer deserves the respect of being provided a solution, even if they decide not to proceed. That's how we work.