You want reliable, fast home wireless.

...all you need is the right router.

So how do you pick a router?

1. Compatibility: It needs the ability to work with and adapt to new hardware from multiple makers.
If you have Macs, this is a big deal.

2. Speed: The quality of the router makes a big different when it comes to speed.
Just like a computer, routers have memory, processors and other hardware.

3. Reliability: Another aspect of quality is how stable the router firmware is.
Cheap routers can crash and take down the wireless with it.

4. Updates: In six months or less, your Macs and iPhones will be on different firmware.
Will your router keep up?

5. Smart: It has to be able to keep you in the wireless fast lane,
no matter what your neighbors are doing.

6. Best value: Total cost of ownership is more important than purchase price.
Will it serve your home trouble-free for years to come?

GO on the offensive

Your wireless network is getting polluted with signals from thousands of feet in any direction.
Your neighbors kids' gaming, your other neighbors' cars bluetooth.
The popular wireless routers advertise more antennas, and all they're doing is creating more wireless pollution.

The result? Your web browsing is slow or your wireless drops out.

You need to go on the offensive.

Most people go out and buy one router after another, and maybe they get lucky for awhile.
I have a different plan: I use a router that always works, no matter what happens.

the right router depends on your home

Which is the #1 most overlooked detail. Just like a refrigerator or dishwasher,
a 500 square foot apartment and a 2,500 square foot home will have different needs.

Why would you buy a router for your family and home office that belongs in a dorm room?
That would be a big mistake. One that you'll pay for sooner or later.



In 2012 a little MIT project created the world's first networking equipment that just works.
The project became the company called Meraki, which is the world leader in cloud networking.

Meraki makes a router for homes that can detect wireless traffic,
identify how to optimize your network no matter what's going on in the neighborhood,
and Meraki enables Macs, PCs and any other device with the most reliable wireless available.

My Apple TV starts playing fast, my wireless is fast, and I enjoy wireless my neighbors wish they had.
And I can even prioritize my wireless traffic, so Skype and video conferencing is crystal-clear.

And best of all, once it's set up, it can eliminate almost all tech house calls for years.
When you factor in the trouble-free nature of Meraki, it's actually the less expensive option.

You can have the best network for your home,
right now:

1. If your home is between 1,000-3,000 square feet, order the Meraki basic bundle below.

2. I'll immediately call you to discuss your needs and home floor plan specifics.

3. If we need additional or different hardware, I'll let you know.

4. If the Meraki basic bundle is still the best option,
I'll program and prepare the router to replace your current router,
then we'll replace it together and test your new wireless.

Click the button below to go check out and buy the Meraki home basic bundle: